Litigating Trust Disputes in Jersey: Law, Procedure & Remedies

The dissemination of knowledge about how Jersey trusts work has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, owing to the proliferation of publicly available judgments of the Royal Court. For those not familiar with, or inclined to navigate, the extensive online database of Jersey case law, attempting to find the answer you want within the seemingly endless commentary can be a daunting prospect.

As a legal professional with clients who have found themselves in this very situation, I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book, Litigating Trust Disputes in Jersey, which has been written with the needs of trust industry professionals and lawyers in mind.

Advocate Sheedy and the Consulting Editor, Advocate Baker, are to be warmly congratulated on this very substantial piece of work, which adds greatly to the bibliography of Jersey law’


This is the first comprehensive text written by Jersey lawyers that brings together expert analysis of substantive Jersey trust law, and clear guidance on civil procedure and the remedies available to parties appearing in trust litigation before the Royal Court of Jersey – all in one book.

To maximise its utility, the book contains guidance on a number of important areas that can create considerable controversy in trust administration. Litigating Trust Disputes in Jersey brings together in-depth insight into a wide range of topics, such as cross-border issues with Jersey trusts, managing conflicts of interest, information and document sharing with beneficiaries, and much more.

I hope this text will become an indispensable tool for both onshore and offshore legal practitioners, as well as trust professionals with clients who are exposed to a Jersey trust structure, whether through a trustee, beneficiary, underlying client entity or third-party power holder, such as a protector.

Jersey already has an established reputation for being at the cutting edge of innovation in the resolution of trust disputes. Litigating Trust Disputes in Jersey services to amplify Jersey’s message to the world that it is a mature, open and flexible jurisdiction in which to establish trust structures. It also advertises that among the leading offshore jurisdictions, Jersey trusts benefit from a practical and robust governance regime and a dispute resolution process that is second to none when matters cannot be resolved by agreement which, of course, is occasionally inevitable.

Litigating Trust Disputes in Jersey: Law Procedure & Remedies is published by Bloomsbury Professional



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